How to Queue by OMS

In order to queue for OMS, it is necessary to:

  1. Have a diagnosis of infertility
  2. Make an appointment with a reproductive doctor who will evaluate the indications and contraindications to IVF and issue a referral for tests according to order 107n
  3. After passing all analyses, make a second appointment, carry a passport, compulsory medical insurance policy, SNILS
  4. At the reception, the doctor will form a package of documents (extract from the outpatient card, application for a quota, copies of the passport, compulsory medical insurance policy, SNILS)
  5. A package of documents is submitted weekly to the health department of the Tomsk region to the commission for the selection of patients for IVF on compulsory medical insurance
  6. Upon receipt of the commission's decision, you will be placed in the electronic queue

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