Our goal is to help you conceive a healthy baby

Assisted Reproductive Technology Center was opened at Siberian State Medical University in 2011 It is part of University Hospital.

Opening Hours

08:00 am to 08:00 pm on weekdays (GMT +7)


Reception at the Center is by appointment. To sign up, you can call us at +7 (3822) 901-101 (ext. 2115) or leave a request on the website by filling out contact form. If the specialist you need is free, you can receive consultation without the appointment in advance.

Patient Reception

In order to get an appointment with a doctor, you will need to provide identity proof (passport or ID).

Contract and Documents

If this is your first visit to our Center, it will be necessary to draw up a contract for the provision of paid medical services. Patient must sign informed voluntary consent to medical intervention. The outpatient card is stored in the archive of the Center. A copy of it can be given to the patient upon request after providing identity document.

Standards and Compliance

We adhere to the standards approved by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation: Federal Law No. 323 “Health protection for citizens of the Russian Federation” (Article 37: “Procedures for the provision of medical care and standards of medical care”).

Arrival late

We recommend arriving at the Center 15 minutes before the planned appointment so that the reception desk can prepare the necessary documents. The transfer of the visit is subject to agreement. If you do not have time by the appointed time, please inform us at least 1 hour before the start of the appointment.

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