Donor egg programs

The use of donor eggs in the IVF program allows the expectant mother to independently bear and give birth to a child if, for one reason or another, it is impossible to get her own eggs.

Age over 40 years does not always become an indication of donation. Some patients retain their stock of eggs after 42-45 years, while others have ovarian depletion earlier than 35-40. Therefore, first of all, you should consult a reproductive doctor, after which you will receive an opinion: you must try to get your own follicles or use donor ones.

When does a doctor recommend a donor program?

  • No oocytes of its own. This may be due to age, early onset of climax, undergone operations.
  • When hormonal stimulation of superovulation is contraindicated and the sampling of follicles in the natural cycle does not give a result.
  • If the patient carries an inherited disease.
  • If embryos do not survive to the blastocyst stage after fertilization. When not carrying three or more pregnancies in a row.

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