Preimplantation genetic testing for the detection of aneuploidy (PGT-A)

PGT-A is a genetic study of an embryo under the GRT program to detect numerical chromosomal disorders (aneuploidy)

The study is carried out before embryo transfer and significantly increases the chances of pregnancy during transfer.

In PGT-A, a complete analysis of all 46 chromosomes is carried out, which embryos have a normal set of chromosomes is determined and thereby increases your chances of a healthy pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child.

Why go through a PGT-A study?

  • High chances of having a healthy child;
  • Fewer miscarriages;
  • Increased chances of successful migration;
  • It is necessary to go through fewer cycles with ART (saving time and money);
  • Only one embryo can be transferred.

PGT-A is recommended if you have:

  • Senior reproductive age: 35 years and older;
  • 2 or more miscarriages in history;
  • Failed attempts at treatment with BPT: 2 or more times;
  • Low sperm quantity and/or quality.

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