NextGen21 Test

Children's health is the greatest value. But all parents, even healthy ones, have a chance of having a child with an inherited disease caused by mutations in genes. Each of us is a carrier of several hereditary diseases.

The danger arises when both parents have mutations in the same gene and pass them on to their child. A comprehensive gene study based on high-throughput sequencing technology - NextGen21 allows all future parents to know their genetic status in advance and assess the risk of having seriously ill children. The analysis allows you to identify clinically significant variants in the genes of several hereditary diseases - the most frequent and severe, leading to early death or a significant deterioration in the quality of life.

NextGen21 recommended to ALL!

Especially in cases of:

  • Birth planning
  • Hereditary diseases
  • Unknown family history of hereditary diseases
  • Blood-related marriage
  • Ethnic groups at increased risk
  • IVF Program Planning with Donor Participation
  • Donations

Test NextGen21 - Technology and Capabilities

  • Based on high-performance sequencing (NGS) technology
  • Aimed at establishing carrier status for the most common and severe hereditary diseases
  • Reveals both known and previously undescribed mutations, including in genes in high population heterogeneity - family cases
  • Has high analytical characteristics (sensitivity 99% and specificity 99%)
  • Allows you to determine with great accuracy the genetic status of the investigated genes
  • Assigned once and relevant for each subsequent pregnancy

The use of the NextGen21 test will allow the family to significantly reduce the likelihood of having children with severe hereditary pathology.

Based on the study, the geneticist calculates reproductive risks and develops separate recommendations for each family.

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